noun [loh-kuh-vohr]
a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.

Locavore is an online marketplace that provides healthy meals and ingredients sourced from farms and purveyors we know and trust. We exist to reduce the time and effort that goes into creating a healthy, delicious, and sustainable dish at home.

Our Food Values

Scratch Cooked
No preservatives, thickeners, or additives of any kind. We strive to provide the freshest tasting food possible by producing as many of our own ingredients as we can; broths, sauces, dressings, you name it. All made in house.
Locally Sourced
Food that can be obtained from our region should never be sourced states away. We work with a variety of local farmers to provide our customers with the best quality ingredients and source as close to home as possible whenever that isn't an option.
Our customers deserve to know and understand not only what's in their food, but where it's coming from. That's why we commit to providing all of the information associated with each of our products. Every single ingredient, its nutritional information, and where it was sourced from that week.
We personally vet every farm that we source  from, ensuring the animals are free to live a healthy, happy life, and are butchered in the most ethical way possible. By selecting farms that are committed to the best practices we not only aim to create a more sustainable food system, but provide our customers with a product that is superior in taste, quality, and nutritional value.
It's no secret that our current food systems are not sustainable. We take this very seriously, from what we are choosing to put on our menu, to how our products get packaged and delivered. Our goal is to have our products be as good for the planet, as they are for the individuals consuming them.
Meet The Founders
Founders sit atop a mountain with surrounding view in the background
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We are a team of two that are passionate about health, food, and the great outdoors.

We understand that knowing how to best nourish yourself while keeping up with the hustle and bustle of life is no easy task. Locavore is our attempt at making that just a little easier.  Whether you’re looking for a plug and play solution to what’s for dinner, or high-quality products that can save you additional time in the kitchen, we got you covered.
We strive to not only put our nutritional knowledge to good use in providing our customers with the best products available, but also to continue learning more about the most sustainable, healthy ways to approach what we're eating, where it comes from, and how its made.

We intend to be transparent every step of the way, sustainable every way we can, and prepare the best food possible.
Hope to see you at your doorstep soon!

- Luis Arzola & Gloria O'Farrell

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