When do you deliver?

Orders placed by Wednesday 3PM get delivered on the upcoming Sunday between 6AM and 9PM

Orders placed after Wednesdays cut off time and up until Sunday @ 3PM get delivered the upcoming Wednesday between 6AM and 9PM

Do you provide catering to larger parties?

We do not cater to large parties at this time

How often does your menu change?

Half of our menu currently rotates every 2 weeks

Do you use organic Ingredients?

While some of the ingredients we use are organic we work with a lot of small local farms that are not Certified Organic despite their high level of commitment to sustainable growing practices. Due to the size of these farms operations maintaining organic certification isn't always feasible.

How do you determine where to source your ingredients from?

We focus our efforts in sourcing as close to home as possible, exclusively working with farmers that are committed to sustainable practices and without any chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or antibiotics.

Those same standards are kept in place for those ingredients coming from a little further away, with additional attention to the sustainability of sourcing those ingredients in the first place.

As always, all of the ingredients we are using that week can be traced back to the source at the bottom of each product page.

What kind of bowls do you use?

We used 100% certified compostable bowls from World Centric. Check them out @ 

Do I need to cook my meals?

Our complete meals and mix and match items are fully cooked and ready for consumption upon arrival. Other items such as pickled onions or dressings are intended to be used as add ons to prepared food, whether your own creation or ours.

Do you have vegan options?

Some of our meals can be made vegan, whether that's through substitution or omitting a certain item depends on the meal. If available, it will be listed as an option when adding to your cart.

Don't see an option to omit a particular ingredient? Submit your order with the request under "additional info" at checkout or send us a quick message.

How long are my meals good for?

Our pre-made meals are good for 5 days when stored in the refrigerator. However, we recommend you eat them within 3 days for optimal freshness.

Jared items will keep for longer; check the individual product label for a best by date.

What do I do with my reusable cooler bag and ice packs?

Once you've safely stored your food in the fridge, hang on to the bags and ice pack until your next delivery date, then set them out the night before. We will pick them up when we deliver your next order along with any rinsed out jars you're done with!

What if im not home when you deliver?

No sweat! your meals will be delivered in an insulated cooler bag along some icepacks to help keep them at a safe temperature. We will send you a text once they have arrived so you can get them in the fridge as soon as possible.

How much is delivery?

We have a fixed a delivery charge of $4.99 for orders over $50 (before tax). Orders under a $50 dollar total will be charged $9.99 for delivery.

When will my order be delivered?

Your meals head out of our kitchen on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. Deliveries happen from 7am to 9pm.

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